Surah Al Muthaffifin المطففين (Defrauding) Terjemah Bahasa Inggris

Terjemahan/Arti Surah Al Muthaffifin Dalam Bahasa Inggris.
Surah yang ke-83 dalam Al Qur’an dan terdiri dari 36 ayat.

Al Muthaffifin – Defrauding

83:1 Woe unto the defrauders:

83:2 Those who when they take the measure from mankind demand it full,

83:3 But if they measure unto them or weight for them, they cause them loss.

83:4 Do such (men) not consider that they will be raised again

83:5 Unto an Awful Day,

83:6 The day when (all) mankind stand before the Lord of the Worlds?

83:7 Nay, but the record of the vile is in Sijjin –

83:8 Ah! what will convey unto thee what Sijjin is! –

83:9 A written record.

83:10 Woe unto the repudiators on that day!

83:11 Those who deny the Day of Judgment

83:12 Which none denieth save each criminal transgressor,

83:13 Who, when thou readest unto him Our revelations, saith: (Mere) fables of the men of old.

83:14 Nay, but that which they have earned is rust upon their hearts.

83:15 Nay, but surely on that day they will be covered from (the mercy of) their Lord.

83:16 Then lo! they verily will burn in hell,

83:17 And it will be said (unto them): This is that which ye used to deny.

83:18 Nay, but the record of the righteous is in ‘Illiyin –

83:19 Ah, what will convey unto thee what ‘Illiyin is! –

83:20 A written record,

83:21 Attested by those who are brought near (unto their Lord).

83:22 Lo! the righteous verily are in delight,

83:23 On couches, gazing,

83:24 Thou wilt know in their faces the radiance of delight.

83:25 They are given to drink of a pure wine, sealed,

83:26 Whose seal is musk – for this let (all) those strive who strive for bliss –

83:27 And mixed with water of Tasnim,

83:28 A spring whence those brought near (to Allah) drink.

83:29 Lo! the guilty used to laugh at those who believed,

83:30 And wink one to another when they passed them;

83:31 And when they returned to their own folk, they returned jesting;

83:32 And when they saw them they said: Lo! these have gone astray.

83:33 Yet they were not sent as guardians over them.

83:34 This day it is those who believe who have the laugh of disbelievers,

83:35 On high couches, gazing.

83:36 Are not the disbelievers paid for what they used to do?

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